Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Sum of the Matter

School is back in full swing and my quantitative side is fully engaged again. I have less time to write, but my thoughts are not as quiet as my pen. As I have been recalculating chemistry sums, I have found myself reflective on the way that God's calculations do not sum like mine. When I survey life and the challenges brought by faith, and in my natural mind sum all of the pieces together, the outcome of my calculations always comes back the same: impossible. An unsurmountable wall often seems to divide what, by faith I behold as best and right, and what by sight I see.

I found a card in my pile of notes that I love and it reminded me that my calculations are not all that there is to life. I so often relate to the girl in the picture, as she reaches for the top of that unsurmountable wall. But as Max Lucado so aptly says, "Impossible is one of God's favorite words." How thankful I am to trust the God of the impossible. When the sum of all of my calculations is "impossible" I am thankful for the most comforting reminder that, with God, all things are possible.