Wednesday, September 19, 2007

For the Love of Boyhood and Bobcats

In enjoyment of the wonderful weather that has befallen us, I came home from work today and quickly left the house to enjoy the last moments of the day's sunshine. As I headed down the hill behind the house, I ran into Caleb and his friend Daniel who were coming up from the fields. The ax, pocket knives, hockey stick, metal rod, raisin rations and binoculars immediately betrayed their recent pursuit of adventure. As they sighted me they began to excitedly relay an escapade which involved intricate traipsing through the fields and woods in search of a bobcat den. We have had some bobcat sightings on the farm recently, and Daniel and Caleb were convinced that they had found the big cat's home.

"It's behind the pond where our old hideout used to be. We saw prints. This big!" Caleb and Daniel held out their hands for extra effect.

"Were you scared?" I asked.

"Well, we did run away when we found it," they sheepishly admitted.

"Is it safe?" I wondered, forever a girl.

"Well," Caleb quickly replied, "not for girls like Rebecca. But for me and Daniel, with our weapons and everything, well, we would have been just fine."

Now that's reassuring!