Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sheep in a Jeep

Becca has been dreaming of this day for months and months and it finally arrived! Today was the day that Rebecca brought her two sheep, Little Smudge (darker colored) and Mighty Moses (lighter colored), home to Bentley. My sisters and I drove to the Albany area to two small farms where her sheep had been growing since Rebecca last visited them. We put the sheep in a tub in our Pilot (not a jeep, actually). Little Smudge jumped out of the tub and landed in the trunk, but by the time that Mighty Moses and Little Smudge were both in the tub, their nerves seemed to be calmed and they almost enjoyed the ride home. When we got home, both of the sheep ran right through the electric fence, not seeming to mind the rather shocking experience!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

'09 Cornell Graduation!

Isaac's roommate, Eric, graduated from Cornell this weekend and Isaac, Hannah, Allie and Rebecca drove to Ithaca to celebrate with a party on Isaac's spacious apartment lawn. Pre-commencement exercises included a trip to one of Ithaca's many waterfalls!

Photo compliments of Eric Hunt - thank you!

To Temper our Longings with Perfect Submission

It is necessary that we have a spiritual assistance...that we may be directed how, and in what manner to pray, for it is not always consistent that we should have what we most desire as creatures, but that which is most profitable for us as Christians, believers, and followers of Christ.

We therefore have great need to distinguish aright, that in all things we may be preserved: by watching in stillness, to be renewed in strength; by virtue of the holy anointing to know what to ask, and temper our longings by a perfect submission; sometimes to ask no more than to be endued with patience and strength to bear the present affliction, that it may terminate to our advantage, and acceptance with Almighty God.

Letters of John Woolman, c. 1765

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunshine and Summertime

The Growing Season at Bentley

Memorial Day Weekend Travels

Emily, Megan and I joined Ben for the weekend in Pennsylvania for a retreat at a hostel located in Tyler State Park. We stopped by his beautiful home in Mercantville, NJ before reaching our destination.

We went to the Delaware River Banks and basked in the sun. Ben re-proposed to Emily. I think he may re-propose every time they are together just for fun. Emily gets the same ring every time!

We attended mass in Merchantville and then participated in a Eucharistic Procession that wove through the streets of the town.
This is the hostel where we spent the weekend in Pennsylvania's Tyler State Park.

We went canoeing in Neshaminy Creek. I saw two watersnakes that were apparently poisonous and that was a little disturbing.

Megan was the expert steerer in our canoe!

Campfires and marshmallows!
Dinner at the Tyler State Park Hostel - we moved inside when the rain came!

2009 Rhinebeck Memorial Day Parade (And "Arkansas" Video)

Oh, and while we were at the parade, I took advantage of a free moment to interview Ryan, Nate's roommate from college, who hails from Missouri. Adam has been trying to convince me that the pronunciation of "Arkansas" should be Ark-Kansas. I wanted the pronunciation perspective of an Arkansas-border-state-resident. Here's Ryan's pontification of the pronunciation of "Arkansas" at the 2009 Rhinebeck Memorial Day Parade.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

'09 Dutchess Community College Graduates!

The fourth and fifth Angell graduates of Dutchess Community College celebrated commencement ceremonies today with smiles under sunny skies! The day kicked off with a ceremony that recognized Hannah's honorary math transfer scholarship to Cornell. Commencement began at 6pm followed by a scrumptious dinner at Cossimo's! Congratulations Luke and Hannah!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Carefree Living

Nate, we're just waiting for you to be done! Then we'll be so extra happy!