Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Some of my very favorite memories of childhood involve sitting in the tiny Bulls Head Oswego Meetinghouse and waiting in the silence for God to speak. I think upon these peaceful memories often. The dogwood tree just outside the meetinghouse is in full bloom currently and accenuates the beauty and simplicity of this special place on Bentley Farm.

[Simplicity] does not mean that life is to be poor and bare, destitute of joy and beauty. All that promotes fullness of life and aids in service for Christ is to be accepted with thanksgiving. Simplicity, when it removes encumbering details, makes for beauty in music, in art and in living. It clears the springs of life and permits wholesome mirth and gladness to bubble up; it cleans the windows of life and lets joy radiate. - Faith & Practice of Philadelpia YM (1953)