Friday, October 26, 2012

NYC Field Trip

This Wednesday Mom and I embarked on a 1-day trip, to see several parts of New York City we hadn't seen before, at 5 am in the morning and we braked to a stop in Grand Central Terminal at 7:30 am. We quite enjoyed ourselves (for once it wasn't blazing hot or freezing cold), and it was quite uncrowded, well as uncrowded as New York City can be.

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-Going on a wonderful tour of NBC's studio.
-Being on live television with MSNBC's Good Morning America.
-Walking through Rockefeller Plaza.
-Visiting the Lego store.
-Meeting up with Nathaniel for a lunch respite at Chiptole.
-Seeing the oldest man-made object in NYC,(which is located in Central Park) Cleopatra's needle, a towering obelisk built in 1600 BC.
-Spending time with my lovely mother.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Visiting Royalty

We had the privilege of a King Of The Air, aka Bald Eagle, grace our farm's pond. It selected a nice 14-inch bass from Bentley Pond for its breakfast and proceeded to consume it with much vigor, after diving into the pond to catch its aquatic prey.

Maude Grant once wrote,"The bald eagle was the emblem of the United States of American, because of its long life, great strength and majestic looks..." I might add to that descriptive list, powerful talons, a kingly grace, and a beak so sharp, it hurts to look at it. 

Friday, October 05, 2012

Maryella's Unlikely Visitor

It is known in our family that Maryella really loves any kind of baby, especially baby calves and human babies. So that is why Rebecca took week-old Speeddaddle for a brief walk up to the house to see Maryella. Maryella had just one question for it, "Where in the heck do you think you are going?"