Friday, October 26, 2012

NYC Field Trip

This Wednesday Mom and I embarked on a 1-day trip, to see several parts of New York City we hadn't seen before, at 5 am in the morning and we braked to a stop in Grand Central Terminal at 7:30 am. We quite enjoyed ourselves (for once it wasn't blazing hot or freezing cold), and it was quite uncrowded, well as uncrowded as New York City can be.

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-Going on a wonderful tour of NBC's studio.
-Being on live television with MSNBC's Good Morning America.
-Walking through Rockefeller Plaza.
-Visiting the Lego store.
-Meeting up with Nathaniel for a lunch respite at Chiptole.
-Seeing the oldest man-made object in NYC,(which is located in Central Park) Cleopatra's needle, a towering obelisk built in 1600 BC.
-Spending time with my lovely mother.