Saturday, September 29, 2007

"Revolve"ing Tours and Planets

I returned this evening from a trip to Hartford, Connecticut where I spent the last thirty hours with Rebecca and a local church group and about five thousand other girls and chaperones at Women of Faith's Revolve Tour for girls. One of the saddest things that I heard shared was nestled in Chad Eastham's talk where he reported asking over one thousand girls across the country, "Do you feel treasured or targeted?" Apparently, of the one thousand girls that he asked, he said that only two girls reported that they felt treasured. A sad commentary, to be sure.

Speaking of feeling treasured, I am so thankful to say that, for so many reasons, I feel incredibly treasured! And today, the first man to ever convince me that I am a treasure, and to this day wakes me up every morning and reminds me that he still thinks that, celebrated a revolution of his own. Yes, the Earth has revolved around the Sun once more to mark the event of Dad's fifty-first birthday! Happy Birthday Dad, I treasure you too!