Sunday, September 23, 2007

On Perseverance and Surrender

I'm continuing to read Amy Carmichael's biography and becoming continually aware of the way that she lived her live in faith for the fulfillment of very many specific promises. If a hospital was needed, it was granted.

How often do I live a life of prayer to God for the necessary and specific counterparts to obedience? Is obedience such a vague thing in my mind that prayer is not embraced to the measure of necessity?

Prayer is interesting. There are times of convincement that I must hold on in faith for the coming of the Kingdom with regard to a very particular request and knock as the persistent widow upon Heaven's door. But, at times, the prayer of the persistent widow needs to be drowned solely and simply by the prayer, "Thy Kingdom come."

Teach me, God, to understand Your will, that I may know when to persist in prayer and when to simply trust that You hear and know the deepest longing of my heart. Let obedience be the fruit of belief and belief the fruit of obedience! (Journal entry from 6/29/05)