Sunday, September 09, 2007

New Hands on Construction

Uncle Mark arrived this week with a Winnebago full of Grandma's furniture. Mark is a worker of intense composition and has boosted the morale of the hands that have been laboring on the construction for months.

Nate's friend, Zack, also came by to offer his help yesterday. Nathaniel met Zack at the Dutchess County Fair several years ago and he is currently working on a two-year degree in landscaping. It's always inspirational to see Zack because he engages life with such zest despite the fact that he cannot hear or speak. Communication surely takes place in silence, and Zack is talented at communicating with his hands and motions in a surprisingly clear manner. Zack helped Nate with some landscaping around the farm and spent a bit of time riding around on the tractor, mowing the grass that continues to grow as if it were still the middle of summer.