Friday, September 14, 2007

Gratitude for Connections

I love connections. My soul discovers deep satisfaction in finding that the past has managed to weave its way, once again, into the present moment. I am so grateful for the opportunity to still be best of friends with the girls that I met when I was three and six years old. I find no scenery more beautiful than the hill where Dad used to sit and read to me from the King James Bible when I was a baby. I love that the home where I ran around with my "I love Vermont" t-shirt at age one, is still the homestead where my family lives today. I value connections and memories so much that I could even listen to Alan Jackson's Remember When ten times a day.

I cherish and relish these and many other connections so deeply. Somehow connections give extra meaning to life, they remind me that life is not just a collection of randomly polymerized circumstances, but an interwoven piece of God's handiwork.

Today, I loved opening the newest issue of Quaker Life to find an article written by Howard Macy, my affectionately adopted Oregon father. What a treat it is to hear the laughing voice of the man whom I worked for as a teaching assistant throughout my stay at George Fox University, come through the tiny words on the page of the magazine! I think back on the days when I was the one to take the handwritten notes on a yellow tablet and type them up so that Quaker Life could have an electronic copy. My eyes see the black words on a white page on the magazine in front of me, but my mind can only imagine scribble on yellow. I am thankful to attach a name, a classic voice, a smiling face and a life to Howard's words of wisdom, "To see and celebrate God's sustaining goodness in the whole fabric of our lives can bring us perspective, calm and great gladness."

What an inspiring choice of words: calm, great gladness and celebration of God's sustaining goodness! All the result of recognizing the weave in the "fabric of our lives." How blessed we are for connections!