Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Autumn Is a Wonderful Invitation

I am so glad that God thought to create seasons. I am so very glad that God thought to let me live in a place where I could experience the fullness of all four seasons. I am so especially glad that God thought to design the crispest of air to follow the summer's humidity and to make trees that display continual change.

Of all the seasons, autumn is the most hospitable. It holds out a great invitation to richness and beckons, to all who take the time to pause, "Welcome to life."

The rich green pre-autumnal colors are alive in the Hudson Valley and will soon subside to crown the glorious year with the fullest spectrum of colors. The lands of Bentley look particularly beautiful these days. This season has made the model house take on a very distinguished look. The official open house is at the end of this month.