Saturday, January 01, 2005

Christmas 1995

Dear Family and Friends,

We rejoice that our Lord is sovereign! We have been touched by His faithfulness during this past year.

The highlight of our year came in April with the birth of Rebecca Faith. It was especially meaningful to me because I was there! She is very cute little girl even though people continue to ask when our little “boy” is going to get some hair. Rebecca is a sweet, happy baby and we all love her to bits.

Jacob, now a big brother at two, adores his baby sister and smothers her with kisses. Jacob is starting to talk more and we’re hoping to gain insight into his “Curious George” ways. While Jacob has calmed down a bit, Mom thinks parenting him has been a very humbling experience.

Hannah and Luke, four and six, both had an exciting time this fall starting homeschooling (Luke officially and Hannah unofficially). Hannah is greatly enjoying kindergarten. She is loves to write her letters, numbers, and to color. Hannah is very calm and sweet and loves to help with Rebecca. This year Luke is enjoying having his physical therapist come to the house to do exercises with him. Luke also learned to ride a bike this spring on his first attempt, astounding us all and bringing tears to the eyes of Mom who at one pint has wondered if he’d ever ride a bike.

Nathaniel, a very kind brother at eight, still enjoys one thing more than anything else---reading. He discovered the inter-library loan system and is constantly ordering books. Nathaniel is also learning how to bake, his current specialty being cornbread.

This year has been a thrilling one for Isaac, then as he showed one of Farmer Henry’s cows at the Dutchess County Fair. He also was rewarded with his own calf for improving his reading skills. He named her Autumn Jeanne. He loves to work at the farm and is now responsible for the evening chores.

I (Sarah) am twelve. I was blessed this year with a couple opportunities to go on some trips with friends. The trips were very special. One of my favorite things to do is to care for and change Rebecca. I also like spend time reading, baking and being down at the farm.

Mom is still homeschooling us all, a gift for which I am very thankful as it brings a peaceful schedule to our home. We children have also had fun going to parks and bicycling with her (three of our bikes have kiddie seats attached).

Dad continues working at the Public Defender’s office in Poughkeepise. He recently won a award from the New York State Bar Association for his “zealousness and commitment” in his work with indigent people. He is thankful for his job but loves best spending time with the family.

“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace” in the New Year.
Love, Sarah Angell