Thursday, September 04, 2008

Pondering Work

I have the unique advantage of having a "seasonal job." I work ten months of the year which means that I get the distinct advantage of having two months of the year to reflect upon my work.

As I ponder the purpose of my work, I have recognized that I often approach my reflection from the lens of the question: "Do I like my work?" or, similarly, "Is my work fulfilling?"

However, this week, the day before I started teaching again, a different, and more profound question came to me through my friend Emily: "Is your work sanctifying?"

My heart leapt when it heard that question! It is such a better question then the one that I often settle for when I reflect upon my work.

To be sanctified is to be made holy, to be made righteous, to be put in right standing before God, to be set apart for a purpose. Sanctification is a very primary goal of the Christian walk, laying a necessary foundation for a loving and right relationship with both God and humanity.

Does my work make me more holy? Does it put me in right standing before God? Does it set me apart for a purpose?

The beautiful and hopeful answer to these questions is always the same, "It certainly could."

I don't always like my job (although many times I do) and I don't always find my work fulfilling (although many times I do), but I think that it is always possible for my work to be sanctifying. If only I choose to let it be.

Yes, this is my challenge for the next ten months of my labor: I want to look back on these ten months and simply know that they were sanctifying.