Monday, September 08, 2008

While I Draw this Fleeting Breath

The following piece was written by Nathaniel, the day that Grandpa left us.

The death of my grandfather today--who's been living with our family for the past 10 months--left me with much sadness, but also the hope of eternity. Even though Grandpa's debilitating Parkinson's disease rendered him incommunicable for the last few years, there was a moment this past winter I'll never forget. My mom and I had just tucked him into his bed and as we were leaving the room I whispered in his ear, "I love you Grandpa". Then barely audible, but clearly and distinctly I heard "I love you too". That meant a lot to me. His passing left a hole in our hearts--we loved him dearly. From a hymn we sang tonight:

While I draw this fleeting breath
When my eyes shall close in death
When I rise to worlds unknown
And behold thee on thy throne
Rock of Ages cleft for me
Let me hid myself in Thee