Monday, August 21, 2006

Preparations for the Dutchess County Fair

The heifers have been relocated to their week-long home at the Dutchess County Fair. Half of the family left for the fair at 3:45 this morning to shave the heifers and ready them for the show ring. We brought four heifers to the fair this year. Typically we have brought only Ayrshires but with the Bentley-Middlevale farms currently merged, we decided to bring two Holsteins in addition to two Ayrshires. Time will tell how the animals perform in the show ring.

Post Script: The BFG was not the only one with this story. The Poughkeepsie Journal (front page, August 22) also featured Hannah and Caleb and their preparations/relaxation at the fair. Click here for the link.

Caleb relaxes with the cows in the background. The job of the "sitter" is to pick up manure pies.

Our poster display advertising the "Miracle of Life" birthing tent.