Friday, August 11, 2006

Lake George

Trip and Sally welcomed us to Tea Island on Lake George for the fifth annual Angell summer vacation. A short narrative of our time is told with the pictures below.

Dad enjoyed kayaking (pictured) and rowing at Lake George.

Mom and Sally conversed on Tea Island's shore.

Mom and Dad left early. We (children) spent the night. We got to see a beautiful fireworks display.

While waiting for the fireworks we did some campfire singing. The fireworks served as the campfire. The evening was very cool and refreshing.

The firework display was impressive and lasted about 15 minutes. It is a weekly event.

Trip and I did a 50-minute swim across Lake George the next morning. Becca and Caleb started swimming with us but decided to ride with Nate in the canoe.

After sleeping on Tea Island, the eight of us headed north to the Silver Bay area.

And last, but not least, we took a quick field trip to Fort Ticonderoga.