Friday, August 18, 2006

Good Reasons to Drive Old Cars

- The insurance rates are low
- You can leave the car unlocked because no one imagines that there is
anything worthwhile on the inside
- If your car gets keyed, you will most likely not notice
- If someone hits you, you don't have to spend all of the insurance money
on restoring the car to perfect condition
- If you wait just a few more years, your car may be a valuable antique
- The open windows, when the air conditioner breaks down, give your hair
a wind-blown convertible look
- You can use the money you save from buying an old car to pay off your
mortgage and have more kids
- No one can lock your window shut when you sit in the backseat
- You can be sure that your friends like you for your personality, not for
your possessions
- You don't have to worry that the car alarm sounding in the parking lot is
from your car
- You actually know how to read a paper map
- You keep the car mechanics in business
- You can pick up farmers and not worry if the car assumes the smell of
- You can slam doors when you feel like it
- You can take the car in the fields and backwoods and not care if it gets
- You can still play all of your old cassette tapes
- The pace of your car give you more time to enjoy the scenery by the
- You can store more important things in your garage
- The noises from your car always herald your arrival
- You get to meet nice strangers that help you when your car breaks down
- And if you hadn't read this, you might have less opportunity to become