Thursday, July 06, 2006

You'll Know You're a Farmer When...

Nathaniel's early morning retelling of an event that happened last night stirred in the family a bit of sympathy (and some laughter too!) for our hard working brother, Isaac.

Isaac has been waking up before 4am every morning with Luke to go milk the cows at Clarence's farm. Farming at Middlevale Farm is a hard task, no matter how you cut it, but Isaac has also been working at a veterinary office and taking a Kaplan course two nights a week. These demanding events precipitated a somewhat humourous event last night. Nathaniel was just about to fall asleep around 10pm, when he hears Isaac, who had been sleeping for about an hour, trying to wake up Luke to go to Clarence's: "Luke, let's get going."

Luke, quite groggy and sleepily complacent, slowly starts to get up. Meanwhile, Isaac heads downstairs. Nathaniel, in a more cognizant state of mind, decides to go follow Isaac down the steps and see why Isaac was leaving for the farm at 10pm. As Nate turns from the stairs into the living room, he finds Isaac sitting on the couch in the living room, stuffing five chocolate chip cookies into his mouth simultaneously. (By the way, it is typical for Isaac to heartily eat dessert when he wakes up before 4am in the morning.) This night, though, Isaac turns surprised to Nate: "What are you doing?"

Nate, finding the situation quite humorous, asks Isaac, "What are you doing? Do you know what time it is?"

Nate explains to Isaac that there are still several more hours he can sleep before he has to leave. To which Isaac replies, "Oh, I feel more awake now than I normally do."