Monday, July 10, 2006

Lake Erie, Lake Chautauqua & More Summer Vows

Hannah travelled with me to the Jamestown area this weekend. We attended the marriage of my friend, Carolyn. Carolyn and I met in the graduate education program at Binghamton University. We met on the first day of a class called Foundations of Secondary Education. The professor decided to group us by way of our horoscopes, proposing that the "essence" of the differing groups would work out best that way. When it came time for Carolyn and I to report our astrological signs we both shrugged our shoulders and quickly became friends. Throughout the remainder of graduate school we met on frequent occasion for prayer and Bible study.

Carolyn's wedding was simple and elegant. The reception was held on the banks of Lake Chautauqua. Hannah said that Isaac would have been very approving of the lunch feast - roasted pig and corn.

Hannah and I visited Lake Erie State Park before the wedding. The shoreline of Lake Erie was surprisingly overgrown with algae. In addition to some very mushy and slippery footing, we found some odiferous fish that had been washed up on the shore. While we had originally hoped to go swimming, we curtailed our planned water excursion and opted for a quick beach walk, a greasy concession-stand lunch and a wonderful afternoon nap in the shade of a big maple.