Friday, July 14, 2006

Fifteen With a Splash

Hannah turned fifteen today. She is a good sister and makes us proud with all of her organizational talents. She knows how to keep an operation running and she is dilligent and hard-working. She laughs a lot and enjoys new activities.

The eight of us children travelled to Splash Down to celebrate her birthday. It was a little bit out of the mainstream for the Bentley crowd, but Mom and Dad had taken the older kids to Splash Down about fourteen years ago and those of us who were alive then still maintain very fun memories of flying down water slides. I decided that it would be a good memory for the new younger children to keep as well.

Thus, Hannah celebrated turning fifteen - American style. Upon arriving at the water park we felt a little out of place - our tans were the farmer types, otherwise known as the "invisible T-Shirt tan" - characterized by dark brown lower arms and a white upper body. However, adrenaline has unifying powers and after falling from the four-story halfpipe ride in a inflatable tube, we somehow felt able to enjoy the thrill of a unique, and perhaps solitary experience. We came home with fond memories. Those memories will serve as satisfaction for any remaining water park cravings in the years to come.