Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fourth of July Celebration

Farm families, town neighbors and Caputo relatives gathered on the farm today for a marvelous Independence Day celebration. The Caputos succeeded in making a rainy day very fun. A rented waterslide provided hours of countless fun for children young and old. Many of the kids were able to perform amazing gymnastic stunts before arriving at the bottom of the slide. The growing mud puddle by the waterslide exit did not stop anyone; it wasn't rare to see one of the children decide to actually bathe in the growing mud pile. To add to the fun, the Caputos made a homemade pinata in the form of a barn - it broke with about five swings from the strong children! The water balloons and water guns also complemented the periodic rain. The Caputos made quite a feast, including a rare treat for us -- paella. The afternoon was made complete when Italy won their game in the World Cup semifinals. Watching the game with many Italians was vicariously intense for the rest of us. After Italy scored their second point, Mr. Caputo, Mr. Italian himself, ran to hug the big screen TV, the grandmother's friend (Columbian, but rooting for Italy) raised her fists in praise and shouted, "Mi corazon!", the general noise level exponentially increased and Ralph Caputo says to my father who had recently joined the viewing crowd, "Tommy, you bring us good luck."