Saturday, July 22, 2006

Moments of Clearest Thought

Nathaniel recently recounted an instance at Princeton where Robert George spoke about the continued work of the pro-life movement. During the speech, Robert George was holding a baby and commented that he often grows weary in the face of opposition and begins to doubt himself. But, looking into the eyes of the child in his arms, Mr. George said that he knew his battle for life was worth it. It was the child, mute and peaceful, that made the truth spring forth from the maze of intellectual debate.

Nathaniel's account complemented some of my recent reflections on perceiving truth. While I am sure that loving God with the mind leaves spacious room for intellectual defense of Truth, I am increasingly convinced that becoming a disciple of Truth happens more often through the eyes than the ears. It is when we witness the power of God that we perceive His nature. I am most convinced that God is Creator when I stand in silence and gaze at the heavens; I am most assured of His love when I see the father in the airport terminal grieving his impending separation from his family; I am most aware of His nearness when gathered in prayer; I am most persuaded of his power when the suffering continue in patient faith.

As Caravaggio so wonderfully displays in The Conversion of Saint Paul on the Way to Damascus, the working of God in the moments of every day life bring conviction of the truth in a way that no intellectual argument ever can. May we submit to those workings of God.