Wednesday, January 28, 2009

To Have No Plan

Maybe it's my linear logical side, or maybe it's just human nature, but I love to have a plan. I love to know exactly what my goal is and I love working toward that goal with hopes of one day seeing a dream come to pass.

But there are times of life that come where my ability to wield influence over the events of my future are greatly diminished. And as news reports forecast more and more job losses, I find myself ever cognizant of the reality that the future is not really mine to plan.

It never really was mine in the first place. But sometimes that sure truth is more apparent to me than other times.

I hope, I have faith, I work and I pray. But, I don't control tomorrow.

I don't know, with Belshazzar, when the handwriting on the wall will appear, "Mene mene." I don't know, like the rich fool, when God will say, "Tonight your very life will be demanded of you."

God speaks, and He is not silent, but sometimes His words come with just enough light to walk the path called today.