Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fireproof DVD

I was a little surprised by just how much I enjoyed Sherwood Baptist's Church's Fireproof. The script, I thought, was so well woven with humor (which the volunteer cast successfully pulled off) and with powerful insight. The life-long commitment to marital vows was certainly a powerful backdrop for the story, but overall I think that I was most impressed by the way that the film integrated the power of God to change lives. - Sarah

Father, John: Has she thanked you for anything you've done the last 20 days?

Son, Caleb: No! And you'd think after I washed the car, I've changed the oil, do the dishes, cleaned the house, that she would try to show me a little bit of gratitude. But she doesn't! In fact, when I come home, she makes me like I'm - like I'm an enemy! I'm not even welcome in my own home, Dad. That is what really ticks me off! Dad, for the last three weeks, I have bent over backwards for her. I have tried to demonstrate that I still care about this relationship. I bought her flowers, which she threw away. I have taken her insults and her sarcasm, but last night was it. I made dinner for her. I did everything I could to demonstrate that I care about her, to show value for her, and she spat in my face! She does not deserve this, Dad. I'm not doing it anymore! How am I supposed to show love to somebody over and over and over who constantly rejects me?

Father, John (While gazing at the cross.): That's a good question.

Son, Caleb: Dad, that is not what I'm doing.

Father, John: Isn't It?

Son, Caleb: No, Dad, this is not what this is about.

Father, John: Son, you just asked me, "How can someone show love over and over again, when they are constantly rejected?" Caleb, the answer is, "You can't love her because you can't give her what you don't have."...Son, God loves you even though you don't deserve it. Even though you've rejected Him. Spat in His face. God sent Jesus to die on the cross to take the punishment for your sin because He loves you. The cross was offensive to me until I came to it. But when I did Jesus Christ changed my life.