Monday, October 27, 2008

Signs of Strength Loss

You won't even know it after a while, that the Spirit of the Living God has left you. Your spiritual strength won't be lost at once; it will be gone little, by little, by little. Here's how you can check your spirit this morning. These are the danger signs.

If you have no desire, this morning, to study the Word of God, to be in His Word, no hunger for the Word of God, my friends, that's a danger sign; you're losing your spiritual strength little by little; it's leaking out, and you don't even know it.

If you don't have the desire to pray, if you don't have the desire to spend time with God, my friends, that is a danger sign, I'm telling you right now, you're losing your spiritual strength.

Second, no conviction of sin. This is the second danger sign in your life; no conviction of sin. You know what? When the Lord convicts you you need to celebrate! When the word of God comes forth you need to celebrate that the Lord is convicting you... My friends, when the Spirit of God convicts you, you need to celebrate the Spirit of the Living God is still working with you.

Easily offended. My friends, you do not come to get from the church, you come to give. If you are easily offended, that is one of the danger signs. You are losing spiritual strength.

And here is the last of all: no heart for the lost. Many poeple think, "It's not my job, it's the other's job." We are so concerned for self that we have no time for the lost... My friends, if the gospel is not first, it will not be second.

- Bob A., (From the third of three sermons that our family has been listening to entitled The World is My Parish out of Barclay College)