Sunday, October 26, 2008

Climb Every Mountain... Forge Every Stream... At the Same Time

In true Sound of Music fashion, this very rainy weekend was celebrated with high spirits, as Ron and Trina (friends from George Fox) and I hiked at Mohonk in the Schwangunks. Though the pictures do not capture it (the camera died before we really got going), we hiked for about two hours on slippery boulder rocks in mostly down-pouring rain. We hid in a cave for a while along the journey because a bolt of lightning flashed in front of our path and we were pretty sure that we were prime targets for electrocution as we were the tallest objects in sight.

By the time we got to the two-foot wide ascent in between two huge boulder rocks that demanded we squeeze every last bit of our bodies into the tiniest configuration possible, we were literally walking through a stream and climbing up wooden ladders while a small waterfall fully bathed our bodies.

While we felt really alive and well and hugely successful upon finally squeezing through the tiny canal to ascend to the top of the mountain, we all agreed that climbing every mountain and forging every stream are ideal ways to enjoy life, but that most times, we prefer to enjoy these events independently!