Sunday, October 05, 2008

How to Make Applesauce

1. Choose a beautiful autumn afternoon.
2. Locate a farm with an apple tree.
3. Find two younger siblings.
4. Take a ladder and a basket to the apple tree.
5. Tell one of the younger siblings to climb the tree and shake the branches to produce a rainstorm of apples.
6. Tell the other younger sibling to hit the tree with a branch, to bring down more apples.
7. Gather up apples in the basket - make sure you have a full basket.
8. Carry the ladder, the basket and the apples back home.
9. Core the apples.
10. Boil the apples.
11. Put the apples in a Foley Food Mill and use your arm muscles to make sauce!
12. Add sugar to the applesauce.
13. Take lots of pictures for good memories.