Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Six-Point Theology of a Dentist

Not only do I love that my dentist, Dr. Roland Naglieri, is one of my best friend's fathers, but I love that his time spent looking at teeth allows his mind to think of the most unique, clever and well-crafted verbiages that I have ever encountered. While dining with the Naglieri family tonight, Dr. Naglieri shared his "six points of theology." They are worth repeating.

The Six Point Theology of a Dentist:

(1) I am not good.

(2) I never was good.

(3) I am not as good as I look.

(4) God is good.

(5) Jesus is God.

(6) I am weak and He is strong.

What more do our feeble minds need? - Sarah Angell