Thursday, December 27, 2007

It Is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Well, okay, every season has its characteristic glories, but no season brings the quantity and quality of delight in human friendship like the holidays. Four of Hannah's friends joined us last evening for a The Nativity Story and a slumber party. We woke up to a visit from Phil Walker which induced quite the intense game of Monopoly (last picture in set), which he, of course, won.

Indeed, the sheer joy of friendship and engrossed conversation accidentally landed me in Massachusetts today (sorry, Katie, for missing the exit) and in an Oregonian-esque coffee shop with another old friend before joining the family at the Sinnott "mansion" for a celebration of the new year and a reflection of the gifts of 2007. Trip brought out the game of Find It (picture below) and passed it around the room, asking each person present to share highlights of 2007 and hopes for 2008. Grandpa was able to join us at the Sinnot's (picture below), which certainly made it uniquely special.