Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Tokens and Holiday Dances

One of our family's favorite parts of the season is the restored connections with friends and family. Dad has continued the tradition of posting the Christmas cards around the kitchen. What a gift to be surrounded in Season's Greetings!

Truly what we all anticipate most in the coming week are the many plans for gatherings around the hearth with friends. And, indeed, many of these hearth gatherings have already commenced. Tonight was truly memorable as we attended a Christmas square dance at the home of our very talented friends - the Walker family. I absolutely love square dancing and somehow nothing is quite as seasonal as gathering with a huge group of friends in a small space with live music (even bagpipes) to celebrate the joys of the season while dosidoing and promenading! We learned several new dances this evening, and the Walker girls even created their own (intricate!) "Basket Case" dance.

How grateful we are for "the joy of human love."