Sunday, December 23, 2007

Faithful Friends Who are Dear to Us Gather Near to Us

After a day of intense construction (the boys removed the barrier wall between the kitchen and living room at 1:00am), a lovely Christmas contata, cleaning and baking, it was such an immense pleasure to welcome the Teubl family, ten strong, to the home for our annual holiday reunion. In addition to a feast of chicken chili and homemade bread, prepared by Mom and Grandma, all twenty-one of us enjoyed an evening of worship and prayer. The children spent much time beseeching the Lord's guidance that the foundation that has been built by the grace of God and the labor of our parents be not lost in, us, the second generation. For continued grace to continue laboring for the Kingdom of God! (Oh, yeah, and the kids are all wet because they went to play outside - in the rain. Oh, why couldn't it snow instead?)