Monday, April 07, 2008

A Postmodern Post on Painting and Fashion

This post may read like that awkward story told at a dinner party where everyone politely laughs at the conclusion because the story never went anywhere and never had a punch line. Here goes.

Last Friday I visited the Tang Museum in Saratoga Springs with several other teachers to view a fascinating exhibit entitled, "Molecules that Matter." After observing the primary features of the exhibit, we were all led through this exercise called VTS (Visual Training Strategies) where we were told to stare at a painting of a sick man in a hospital bed floating on an endless ocean. We were asked two questions, "What is happening?" and "How do you know?" After several observations were noted and defended by the audience, the presenter commented, with genuine passion, "VTS is powerful. Very powerful."

That comment caught my attention because there are very few things, even things that I love desperately, that I would describe as powerful. If I were to think upon things that stir a fire in my heart, VTS would not be on my list. If I had to choose something that I felt so passionately about that the feeling was almost powerful, I would confess to admitting that I would fervently support any lobbyist who was working to outlaw bull riding!