Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Husband Training School

For approximately the last four months we have heard bits and pieces of Isaac's endeavor to begin a husband-training school. This is a unique school because Isaac is both the teacher and the student. Unfortunately for his roommate (sorry, Eric), and some of his other male friends, his open enrollment policy means that when you are with Isaac, like it or not, fiancée or no fiancée, you will be given free lessons in preparation for marriage. Isaac has command; what Isaac does, everybody does.

The first step of the training process involves learning to leave a clean dinner plate. Isaac is convinced that a wife would not want a husband who leaves food on the plate because it may suggest to her that her cooking was not met with entire satisfaction. However, Isaac doesn't want his students to assume that the wife would be doing all of the cooking, so a second part of the training school involves learning to cook breakfast and dinner. I hear that pancakes and tomato sauce on pasta are really popular items in Ithaca these days!

Isaac thinks that at the end of a day, a wife may just need to relax. So Isaac has instructed his students that all of the dinner dishes should be washed by the gentlemen. Isaac and his students practice by washing their own dirty dishes. Revolutionary!

Even though I am just Isaac's sister, I was recently the recipient of a benefit of Isaac's schooling. While visiting him in Ithaca, we started discussing what to do for dinner. Isaac looked at me and said, "Sarah, I really want to do what you want to do." I figured out pretty quickly that this was one of the most important lines that you will learn to say when you are in husband-training school.

Recently, Isaac has been calling us to report that he has taken up juggling. He is beginning to move beyond husband-training, to father-training. Juggling is apparently an important skill set for a father to have, because, according to Isaac, it will entertain the young children while the wife is attending to the infant!

Isaac, you are too fun and you always make us laugh!