Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Intention Is...

...allowing the will to mediate the mind's dialogue with the heart's emotion.

...remembering that morals were decided upon for the times when they don't make sense.

...trusting that the goal is more important than the circumstances.

...waking up each morning and deciding that the day's worth is not based entirely in personal satisfaction.

...having every free access to what is easiest and most desired, and not indulging it for the sake of what is noble. emptying of the self-focus of the heart so that is finally free to be consumed with something other than itself.

...a choice to live for what is unseen, when what is seen and present is so distracting.

...valuing the gift that is within the heart to offer, more than the gifts that the heart wants to receive.

...working long and hard for something beautiful instead of settling for what is quick and sleazy.

...a pain in the flesh, but a joy in the soul.