Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Arch of the Divine

Left, right, above
Drifting with the current
Admiring the beautiful pillars
That were planted along the banks
Of the glimmering waters of grace

The pillars were etched
With divine permanency
Like the stone tablets
That Moses sent crashing into oblivion

The etchings were distinguished
And almost virtuous
Pompous was the man
Who staked claim
At the base of the pillar
No question that truth was on his side
The divine word could not be mistaken

Justice was named on the base
Of a well-marked camp
Across the river
To the other side of the waters
Was another camp
Beneath the etching
Called Mercy

Farther along
More bases, more camps
More pillars and etchings
Divine Sovereignty – Free Will
Works of Charity – Personal Faith

Each side of the river
Was occupied
With those who loved
Its name
Who could not see
To the other side
Of the glimmering waters of grace

Struggle and conflict
Necessarily were evidenced
Flaming arrows across the river
Had been hurled
Because Justice is
The opposite of MercyAs Sovereignty is
The opposite of Free Will
And the etch of the divine
Is clearly marked
On the base of the pillar
That each camp can see

The banks of the river were

The river was

But only from the river
Could one see
That above the clouds
Beyond sight
There was a place
That the pillar called Justice
Met the pillar called Mercy
And that the pillars were not pillars after all
But only two bases of an arch
Where the meeting point
Was shrouded and concealed
By Him whom
We call