Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Tender Mercies

I have a very distinct memory of running an errand with Mom at a local department store when I was about twelve only to find, in the pathway of our errand, a denim skirt that I adored. We never bought new clothes when I was twelve, so I knew that purchasing the skirt was out of the question. It's so silly that I loved the skirt as much as I did and I guess I was a little sad that we only bought our clothes at the thrift shop.

On the way home from the department store, I remember stopping at the thrift shop and finding on the clothing racks in the small little basement, the exact skirt (brand name and all) that I had seen in the department store in my exact size. I don't remember what the skirt cost, maybe three dollars, but I felt so stunned and loved and amazed and guilty all at once. How could God see such a little desire of my heart and tenderly grant that small and hidden wish in His own way? Why didn't I trust that God meant it when He said that He knew the word of request on my tongue before it was even spoken?

I am not a believer in a material-prosperity gospel; sometimes God's blessings hurt and don't feel comfortable. I am, however, a big believer in the tender mercies of God that see the depths of the human heart and meet us in our place of need. Thank you, God.