Sunday, March 16, 2008

Good Times, Good Times

We celebrated the beginning of Nathaniel and Isaac's spring vacation with a trip to Philadelphia this weekend. Jay Lee (a friend from Princeton) joined us for the trip. We picked up our cousins, Joshua and Daniel, and headed to Valley Forge, the historic site that marks the 1777 winter encampment of General George Washington's Continental Army. We met up with another friend from Princeton, Andrew (and his parents!), at Valley Forge. The grounds contained many wide open fields and held the perfect conditions for a long field race, documented in the pictures below. Andrew won the race with a close follow-up from Jay Lee. After the race, we all collapsed; at least, I did. (Click "Notes" in the PictoBrowser below for a more detailed explanation of the photo documentary.)

After enjoying "pizza and a movie" at Germantown Friends Meeting with our Aunt Jeanne, Uncle Sam and Cousin Christopher, we spent the night at Sam and Jeanne's and woke up to eat Uncle Sam's amazing pancakes and attend meeting at Kendal, a Quaker retirement community where my grandfather and his two brothers (and their wives) live. A whirlwind trip with so many fun memories!