Saturday, March 29, 2008

On the Threshold of the Eternal Exchange of Love

My friend Dawn wedded today in a reverent service that was keenly focused on the great love that our Father has so richly lavished upon us, that He would call us His Bride. Yes, the spiritual reality of the sacrament of marriage was present among us today. Who, but God, could think of a man and woman promising fidelity and faithfulness and love until the parting tide of death? Certainly no man could conceive of such a strange promise. Today we marvel that God's ways are better than our own, and that this, indeed life-changing vow, is the beginning of an eternal exchange of love that is truly consummated in the return of Christ for His Bride. What inconceivable and amazing goodness. - Sarah Angell

I once heard it said that to love someone is to tell that person that he or she will live forever. If God is love, then love, like God himself, is something eternal, infinite. Hence, if I give someone authentic love, in a sense I give that person eternity. If that person receives it, takes it in and makes a permanent home for love in his or her heart, then that person will live forever. - Christopher West, Reflections on Eros and Agape