Saturday, July 21, 2007

This is Crazy!

I was recently introduced to the game of Crazy Uno, where amidst wild adaptations to the original game, players randomly slap the table and yell, “This is crazy!” If this day had been a card game, I would slap my hand on the table and say, “This is crazy!”

Why? Well, I don’t normally wake up before 5am on a Saturday. I have only rarely woken up early with the sole intent of climbing a mountain. And I have never ever woken up before 5am on a Saturday to climb a mountain in Arizona desert heat. But today I did. My roommates inspired me to this awesome task of climbing Camelback Mountain without really letting me know any details (suffice it to say that one of these roommates never made it to the top!). We were hoping to catch the sunrise, but apparently that didn’t quite happen. It was a grand hike involving all four major appendages. I have never lost so much water while hiking, but it didn’t seem to matter. Three of the five original hikers made it to the top by 7:30am. The top was grand, but could have been perfect if only there was a slight breeze to evaporate some of the water from our skin. We could see miles upon miles, including the whole Phoenix skyline. The “dirt” was perfectly red and so now my shoes bear the distinct imprint of this literally breath-taking hike. Breakfast followed at La Grande Orange, a perfectly California-styled restaurant with the freshest of tomatoes and avocados. How fun are crazy little ideas!