Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bentley's Teacup Is Up and Running!

With great excitement we made our way down to the Hudson River last night to launch our newly renovated old row/motorboat for its maiden voyage! A great success! It was a humbling experience to approach the Rhinecliff Landing with the fancy boats being trailered into the water. Our little boat and motor looks about sixty years behind the times.

But old or new boat, it was a fantastic evening; one that we will soon not forget. The motor actually powered the boat and everyone had a ride on the Hudson. All the enthusiasm and fun was noted by the curious bystanders. One older man, after studying the boys getting Bentley's Teacup all ready, approached Mom and asked, "What fun camp are all these guys from?"!

The rowboat was named with respect to the happy memories shared on a real motorboat with Trip and Sally at their beloved Tea Island.