Monday, December 14, 2015

Greetings From Tom and Janet Angell

Dear family and friends,

Our extended family looks forward  to celebrating our 90th year on Bentley Farm--this place we call home.  What a blessing to be able to walk into the same barn as I did as a child with my granddaughter to feed the calves or to mow the meadows that I have tended for nearly a half century with my grandson in my lap  or to walk down the tree shaded lane on the way to the hen house with my grandson carrying a carton to gather that day's collection of eggs.  What a joy to be gathered around the dinner table --with new family members--spouses, grandchildren, and spouses to be-- overflowing with the fruit of the land, surrounded with laughter and energetic conversation. What a growing love that still blossoms after 36 years of marriage.  But most importantly, what a hope in our relationship to Jesus Christ, the light of our world, that continues to shine forth even through the darkness.

In His Hope,

Tom and Janet Angell
Photo: top: Emmaline, bottom: Levi
In our laps: Olivia, Asa, Isabella, Seth, and Eliana