Monday, December 14, 2015

Greetings From Hannah (Angell) Hunt

Merry Christmas from Indiana!

 Eric and Hannah welcomed Levi Bentley to their family on June 28th. Together Asa (21 months) and Levi (5 months) bring many giggles, babbles, squeaks and squawks to the Hunt household. Asa is in a fun stage of learning to communicate. He has two main fascinations – moos (cows) and trash. Levi is a happy camper and loves being entertained by his big brother.
Eric continues in his engineering job and saw one of his projects release to production this fall. His creative endeavors for the year included remodeling a bathroom and numerous wood working projects. In between the above activities he enjoys wrestling with the boys or training for sprint triathlons.

Hannah has been grateful for raising the boys in a kid-friendly town and for the relationships that she has been able to form with other moms. When she is not at the playground or pushing her double stroller, she can be found doing bookwork for non-for-profit organizations and leading a tween girls’ group at their church.

The Hunts appreciated time with family including travels to the annual Amish Auction, the first ever Angell Family Gathering Extravaganza and Lake George. With a life goal of getting to as many national parks as possible, Eric and Hannah enjoyed bringing their little ones along to visit Shenandoah National Park in October.