Monday, December 14, 2015

Greetings From Rebecca Angell

Merry Christmas! I love this time of year when we all have the chance to reflect on the gift of God’s son, Jesus Christ. As I think about this beautiful gift wrapped in swaddling clothes, I am touched by the way God use the most humble of circumstances to give humankind the greatest offering imaginable.  Through this baby Jesus, hope, peace, freedom, and love was brought to this earth in a way that has touched lives ever since. I think personally to the ways God has allowed these blessings to touch my life this year.
                One of these many blessings has been living out here in Wichita, KS with Sarah’s family while attending college.  Coming home to the smiling, friendly faces of my niece and nephew, a steamy hot meal waiting for me to dive into, and a warm home with lots of love, is any college students dream! In addition, God has blessed me this year by fulfilling one of my life long dreams by opening the doorway for me towards becoming a nurse. This past year I was accepted into Wichita State University’s nursing program and I have loved participating in my classes, gaining new friendships, and being able to put all I am learning into practice through clinical rotations. It is crazy for me to think that next year at this time I will be graduating! Another huge way God has blessed me this year is through a sweet young man, John Gray. We started dating this past September, and together we have loved getting to know God better and thinking about how best our lives can be used for God’s work on this earth.
                I am overflowing with thankfulness for these gifts, and many more, that God has poured into my life. Yet, I am most thankful for Jesus, because through him these gifts have been made available to me. May God reveal his blessings upon your life this Christmas season.