Saturday, October 10, 2009

Providence, Rhode Island

For all the years that I have lived on the East Coast, I never remember traveling to Providence, Rhode Island before this weekend (on business with KSTF). Above is the view out my hotel window overlooking the Providence Harbor.
India Point Park, again overlooking the Providence Harbor.
A cooperative garden project out of Brown University.
Another picture of the harbor.
"Angell" and "Thomas" streets. This picture was taken for Dad. My dad, Thomas Angell, was named after the same man that these streets were named after.
Sunset over downtown Providence. (Picture taken from Angell street.)
We stumbled upon a WaterFire event. This was a fun piece of culture and art. Three of Providence's rivers have sculptured floating bonfires that are lit on special occasions.
In this picture, you can make out the small boat charged with the task of restocking the wood on each of the bonfires.
Beautiful mirrored reflections.