Sunday, October 25, 2009

Adios Guadalajara, Hola Reynosa!

I left Guadalajara last Sunday and now have been in Reynosa for a week. Last Saturday I went to a park and then walked around a pueblo known as Zapopan near Guadalajara. The last few photos show my current residence, on Alamo Calle. My apartment is the one with the open door. I think I have two roommates but they are either out on assignment or on vacation. I've been going to the Schlumberger base every day this past week (except today) for training.

The weather is quite warm and fairly pleasant as opposed to the summer when it's muy caliente. I miss the fall colors of the Hudson Valley though, but not the rain! The common description of Reynosa by people in Guadalajara was feo or ugly. Reynosa will never win any aesthetic awards or host the Olympics, but it is probably similar to a city in the south/southwest US (like Lousiana). - Nate

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