Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Reporting from Kauai, This is Nathaniel Angell

Nate is currently in Hawaii with Professor Jamie Rankin (of famed Bentley Farm scone making) and other friends from Princeton. Here's an update along with some pictures! I am so proud of Nate for his marathon finish despite some pretty nasty conditions! - Sarah

Here are some photos of our adventure so far. I finished the Honolulu marathon in 5:15:23, about an hour later than what I was shooting for. I ran a 2:06:16 first half, but then slowed down considerably about mile 15. The weather was raining, humid and warm, and I essentially overheated! But the good news is I finished and we are all safe and sound, albeit sore ("very" as in the Biblical sense) sore.

After the marathon, we flew to the island of Kauai. Our accommodations are idyllic with access to beach and beautiful scenery. Today we went to Waimea Canyon ("Hawaii's Grand Canyon") which had red clay and green vegetation that reminded me of Christmas! We have had sporadic rainstorms that at times are torrential, so we're hoping the sun will come out to stay soon...