Saturday, October 27, 2007

Something Old is Something Beautiful

I really like the East Coast. I guess that I really like the West Coast too, but spending last weekend in Seattle and this weekend in Boston makes a phenomenal attraction about the East Coast obvious: architectural history. There is something about walking on the same road that set the stage for "the midnight ride of Paul Revere" that provides a feeling of place and a seamless passageway from the past to the present.

Dinner last evening, with an animated group of science teachers, was at the Union Oyster House which claims to be oldest restaurant in continuous service in the United States. Eating on the third floor of a building that has served guests for hundreds of years resembles the feeling of a timeless Thanksgiving - it is a feast in memory of the men and women who dreamed of creating a country that is our home today.

The creaking floors, wood slab walls and sturdy brick exterior speak of endurance and connectedness. Something old is certainly something beautiful.