Monday, August 20, 2007

A Timeless Classic

The surprising thing about returning every year to the Dutchess County Fair is how it seems as though we never left. While clipping cows, pitching manure, talking to old friends and making trips to the wash station, the prevailing question is always, "Didn't we just do this?"

Have we really seen an autumn, winter, spring and summer season since we were here last year? How could a year have passed?

In re-entering the world where all of the agriculturally-minded are relishing the fruits of the summer growing season, it is as though all time outside the fences of the fairgrounds becomes a momentary flash and the only time that is immortal lies within those gates.

For the next week we will soak in the immortality of time and enjoy just sitting with the heifers. Our only worry will be scooping the most recent cowpies. We will enjoy long and uninterrupted conversations with neighbors and friends and wonder how so much could have happened in the four seasons that so quickly passed.

When we have shared our lives and the events of yet another year, we will not forget to savor the moments of solitude where we find ourselves alone - staring into crowds of passerby's - and we will take time to reflect on the lessons of beauty and grace that we have been taught in the last year. And as we gratefully remember these passing moments, our hearts will turn to think of another year stretched before us, by God's mercy, and look forward to living and learning from another four seasons of life that will give us cause for reflection this time next year.