Sunday, August 19, 2007

Little Projects and Big Projects

Today's biggest accomplishment was preparing our site at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds for the six heifer calves that we will be showing in the upcoming week (stay tuned for a full week of Dutchess County Fair coverage!). However, Dad and Jacob have continued the small projects around house and home and spent a large portion of today putting up bannisters for the front door.

Meanwhile, really big-scale projects are dominating the Bentley Farm scene. The model home is getting elaborately landscaped and, as the picture below demonstrates, the fields are still getting dug with massive John Deere equipment. (For fun: Today I talked to a family friend, who is always around for a good laugh, about the recent John Deere tractor postings. She said, "Forget calling it the John Deere 5425. You should call it the John Deere 3:16 Angel Edition!)