Monday, August 13, 2007

Like Men Who Dreamed (Psalm 126)

Oh, how easy it is to focus only on the future, or on what is ahead, or on what I don't know, or on what I yet desire.

At brief moments, though, my mind gives me the gift of wheeling back the reels of time, through what is now written history, to place me again in the midst of all of the hopes, desires and yearnings of yesteryear. And in my historically rewound mindset, I find that, surprisingly, I can know the future, because the future that I once dreamed of is today.

And through the telescope set in the past, my wandering eye surveys the landscape of the future and says, "Dear God, you are very good." I could never have imagined the bounty of the places that I occupy and the people who surround me and the opportunities that befall me. I look into the future, at the place where I am today, and say, "I am like a man who dreams." Pinching myself back into the moment, I find that the dream of my future is now my present reality and that the landscape is written only by the great faithfulness of God.

Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles, and the judgments he pronounced. Psalm 105:5